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knew_knight_transparentPaladin: One of Charlemagne’s twelve peers, and by a similar description King Arthur’s knights of the Round Table. The word has been extended to be applied to any medieval champion or knight of distinctive virtue.

These are the holy warriors of the realm. Dedicated to fighting for their deity, they are serious fighters with minor priestly powers. They can use any weapon or armor, but prefer swords. Most Paladins will actively help anyone in need, even risking their own lives to save the ones they aid. Compassion, determination, and devotion describe the nature of the paladin.

Endowed with tremendous gifts, paladins oppose the cruel and the malevolent wherever they are found. Paladins are champions of the innocent. Even the least experienced paladin can detect the presence of the arcane, and more experienced paladins can smite arcane foes and turn them away or turn them to the good.

All paladins are members of the True Faith, but their intensely personal relationship with their God means they need not follow a specific tradition. Paladins are born, not made: nobody chooses to become a paladin, and you cannot become one through practice. It is possible to fail to recognise “the call”, or to deny it. Most paladins, however, answer “the call” sooner or later, and find a more experienced paladin to teach them “the way”.