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After receiving a referral from a fellow dietitian and blogger, I decided to reach out to Peter to help me set up my own blog from scratch. As I am someone who is very new to this space, Peter was very helpful and patient in guiding me in the right direction when it came to website set-up. I will admit that I requested many changes along the way due to my own personal change in branding and blogging focus, but Peter was very understanding and willing to accommodate my needs in order to build the site that I wanted. I am very thankful for Peter's guidance and expertise - I certainly could not have achieved such a beautiful and functional blog without him! And I'm so glad to have him maintain my site as well - he always responds very quickly if I have questions, and helps me add features as I continue to expand my site. Overall I think Peter is a great resource for web development and maintenance, and you and your site will be in great hands if you decide to work with him.

Monica Amburn, MS, RD, LDN nutritionguru.com

“Peter from Paladin Business Solutions was a critical part of the team that built my website/blog and now solely updates and manages it. Peter is extremely responsive, great with follow-up and helps problem shoot any concerns. If an issue comes up, he is quick to address and research it, if needed. He is patient with my questions and has made a few suggestions that have been extremely helpful for my website and business that would have taken me hours to uncover. I have found Paladin to be an affordable, quality solution for website design and maintenance and I highly recommend them for your web needs.”

Jenny Shea Rawn MS, MPH, RD

“'I worked with Peter on my website which was a very, very stressful time for me. Peter helped me alleviate a lot of that stress by patiently explaining to me things that were really beyond my comprehension and breaking it down simply so I could actually know how to manage my website in the end. He responded to any questions, emails it a very timely manner and was very dedicated to my success and for me to put out the very best product. He also explained different ways such as SEO, key words to help draw traffic to my website which was very helpful. I would highly recommend working with Peter Macintyre if you are looking to re-do your website or build a brand new one.”

Lorna Sophocleous,

“Peter MacIntyre was a pleasure to work with when designing my website. He was patient and took the time to strategize about the content that would work best for my particular audience. His instructions were always clear and his advice was spot on. Creating an electronic brochure, as a website is, could be challenging and Peter made this task easy to achieve.”

Bonnie Taub-Dix, RDN

“Peter built the website for my company about 6 months ago. I found the entire process to be satisfactory from all aspects. Peter listened carefully to my needs and was still able to gently make his suggestions for what would and would not work based on his experience. He was quick to come back with changes and he always captured the details reviewed. I had looked around for other web developers and found Peter’s solution to be the best value for the cost of the full service. Thank you, Peter!”

Susie Sedlacek,
Principal 2hrv.com

“Peter was very helpful and involved in the creation of my site. Peter even took the time to have a one on one call with me to explain different parts of my site and how to edit them. He was very patient with me, he valued my time and efficiency of the project. Peter was always quick to respond and a true pleasure to work with!”
Whitney, whitneymoney.com

“Peter MacIntyre of Paladin Business Solutions designed the excellent Elder Mediation International Network website at www.elder-mediation-international.net We are very satisfied and grateful customers who particularly appreciated his responsiveness to suggestions and prompt delivery at all times in the project. Peter’s technical expertise delivered all our online payment requirements without a single hitch. He guided us through the project with outstanding patience and was very available to us at all times. Peter delivers superb outcomes for a very reasonable price. We highly recommend his work.”

Helen Harnett, Chairperson
Elder Mediation International