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WP Updates Notifier


Figure 1 – Click to Enlarge

Would you like to be notified of when your WordPress plugins need to be updated? Of course you would, who wouldn’t? You can use the plugin called “WP Updates Notifier” (use this name to find it on the add plugins page) to inform you by email when each plugin on your WordPress site needs some attention. Once you install this plugin and activate it you will see “Updates Notifier” on the Settings menu  (Figure 1).


Figure 2 – Click to Enlarge

Click on this link to open the Settings page where you can set the desired basic values for this plugin. You can control how often you want the plugin to check for updates (each hour, 2 times per day, etc)?  I recommend only having it check once a day. Also on this settings page, provide your email address so that the plugin will know where to send the needed updates reports, if any. You can control if you want to be notified about plugins or themes or both, and additionally about the WordPress core as well (Figure 2).

That’s really all there is to setting up this plugin. When a plugin or theme on one of your WordPress sites does need some updating attention you will get an email that looks like figure 3. If your email software allows you to use filters and folders then you should do so on these reporting emails so that they don’t get lost in your inbox or sent to spam by mistake and you will know at a glance when a site needs an update.


Figure 3 – Click to Enlarge

Use of this plugin will save you a lot of time in that you won’t have to repeatedly visit your sites admin areas just to see if there are any pending updates.

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