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mageMage: There are as many kinds of Mages as there are other classes: Wizards, Sorcerors, Necromancers, Summoners, Transmuters, Elementalists, and a dozen more. Most of these specialists, though, never venture forth from their respective towers as they are not very well suited to adventuring. Mages are quite powerful, and wield a potent magical arsenal. Mages have at their command mostly combat and defense spells, as they are either adventurers, searching for fortune, or are the emissaries of other Wizards or Paladins, who need them to search out lost artifacts or spell components. Either way, they are formidable and unpredictable foes. Mages use only staves (including the staff-sling) and daggers in combat, as they need as much mobility as possible. For this reason also, they will only wear robes for protection, and thus rely on their magic for protection.