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clericCleric: A cleric is a martial Monk. While Monks prefer using spells, Clerics prefer to fight. And they are quite good at it, too. Like Monks, they do not enjoy bloodshed (although a little maiming is just fine), and will only use blunt weapons. They will wear any armor in the fight against their foes, and quite a few wear the most armor they can get. Clerics have a strong ability to survive a foe due to their good armor an knowledge of healing. They are a valuable addition to any party.

Clerics have a very strong faith in God and always try to uphold the beliefs of their God. Most clerics are primarily healers and travel around seeking wounded and sick people to help. Others seek to help the poor and misfortuned. Some clerics worship Gods of combat and war. These clerics are battle clerics and frequently engage in battle. They desire the glory of victory.